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What is Osteopathy?

Osteopathy is a manual form of therapy which emphasizes
the relationship between the structure and function of the
human body. This therapy follows a belief in the body’s
ability to self-heal and self-regulate, which is why manual
osteopathic practitioners do not see themselves as healers,
but instead as facilitators to health.

First introduced by founder A.T. Stills in the 1870s,
osteopathy is a science, a philosophy, and a practice.

What does an Osteopathic

Manual Practitioner do?

Osteopathy focuses on facilitating the health of joints and
muscles through non-invasive manual therapy, helping to
strengthen the framework of the body, and acts as a
complementary therapy alongside conventional
By working with the interrelated systems and functions of
the human body, manual osteopathic therapy can return the
body to normal health so it can self-heal and self-regulate.

What can it treat?

Osteopathic Manual Practitioners do not treat conditions, they
treat the individual. Many conditions are the result of poor
posture, age and injury; by realigning the body’s structure (the
root of the problem) the body can then take care of its self.
“To find health should be the object of the
physician, anyone can find disease”
~ Dr. A.T. Still (founder of Osteopathy)

$90 initial treatment

$70 subsequent treatments