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Stephanie Weaver massage therapist

   Registered Massage Therapist



Stephanie was born and raised in Mount Forest, Ontario. She later attended University in Windsor, and then graduated with honours from Georgian College, Barrie from the Massage Therapy program in 2007.

She is married to Andrew has a beautiful daughter Juliette. They built a house in the country and are enjoying life with their pug Max and newest addition, puppy Lacey.

Phone: (705)422-1288


Jane Jones


Jane Jones

Reflexology uses focused pressure to manipulate reflexes on your feet, hands and ears, sending your body’s own healing energy to where it is needed. These reflexes correspond to all organs, glands and parts of your body. Reflexology improves the blood supply to cells, organs and systems, aiding the body to nourish and repair itself. This in turn helps the body relieve stress (which causes up to 75% of all illnesses today), release toxins and return to a state of rest and repair known as homeostasis, where all of the body systems are balanced. Reflexology is a therapy that aims to improve our general health and sense of well being by promoting the body’s ability to heal, adjust and balance itself.

It can also help with specific problems such as:

– allergies, aches/pains, poor circulation
– digestive problems, heartburn, constipation, diarrhea
– headaches, migraines, sinusitis
– menstrual problems, PMS, depression
– pregnancy, labour, postnatal problems
– stress, anxiety, toxicity, energy blocks
– suppressed immune system, sleep disorders, fatigue

Reflexologists have been called in after open heart surgery to help get the circulation going, we work with Cancer patients after chemotherapy treatments and work closely with those who have M.S. and have had wonderful results.

I have enjoyed doing Reflexology for nearly 16 years. My treatment starts with an amazing head and face massage to open up the meridians, followed by a foot and leg massage with essential oils and lotions.

I also offer Ear Candling, I am a Certified Iridologist and I am studying Reiki.

Phone: (705)422-1288