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Massage for Rest and Relaxation

A Relaxation Massage is just that.  A massage precisely for the purposes of rest and relaxation. It’s not technique designed for therapeutic benefits or for dealing with pain or discomfort.

As with any massage, the patient will remove most of their clothing and lie on a massage table, with some sort of drape over the body. Usually a relaxation massage can be modified and tailored to your specific desires. The massage takes place in a quiet, comforting environment, with soft relaxing music playing in the background.  Some people bring their own CDs.

The therapist applies gentle to medium pressure to the body with the hands, gently manipulating the tissue, and encourage relaxation.

This is not a Deep Tissue or Remedial massage.

It is not designed for working the deeper muscles of the body, but just a gentle kneading and rubbing of the outer layers of the body tissue. It will cover a wide range of areas on the body including the back, shoulders, chest, legs, arms and neck.

Sometimes there is the option of adding some Aromatherapy treatment to your massage therapy.  Aromatherapy oils such as Lavender, can enhance the experience of the massage and allow for greater relaxation. Unscented oil is also an option.

The oil gives a more slippery skin surface for the therapist to work with, which means the hands glide easily with no pulling of the skin. During the massage, the patient can relax and quietly meditate, or they can chat with the therapist.  The time is theirs, and as I said, the session can be personalised to suit the individual.

Many live their demanding lives day to day without taking any time out just for themselves. Everyone deserves time out moment of relaxation and a soothing hour of pampering is just right for that.

This massage will relax your mind and your body… It’s ‘time out’ from the daily stress of your life. The length of the massage will depend on how long you would like it to last. You can have an hour, an hour and a half, or two hours if you wish.

A Relaxation Massage is a smooth, gentle style of massage, and will improve circulation, tone, range of movement, ease minor muscle pain, and promote wellness and relaxation.

Stressed?..  Tired?.. Been burning the candle at both ends?..  Maybe it’s about time you made the call and pampered yourself with a Relaxation Massage!