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How Often Should I get a Massage?

How Often Should I get a Massage?

Massage Therapy is fabulous for your well being, but how often should you have massage? The answer depends on your lifestyle.

  • If you are an athlete that is currently training for a competition- you should likely be having massage therapy 2-3 times per week to aid in recovery and muscle conditioning.
  • If you have a stressful job and you get recurring headaches do to posture of positioning you might be a good candidate for weekly massage. This will help you to better deal with your stress and tension levels and relieve the muscles of their tension before they become too sore.
  • If you have pain that is not deeming medical attention such as from Multiple Sclerosis or Parkinsons disease, massage therapy is likely good to have on a weekly basis. This helps to reduce the pain, increase your mobility and decrease the amount of muscle spasms you experience.
  • For the rest of people that just want Massage Therapy to relax and maintain your physical well-being it is recommended bi-weekly or monthly. This will help you to prevent injuries and reduce your overall stress levels.
  • If you have suffered a new acute injury that you require massage therapy to aid with healing and loosening of the tissues you may need to come twice a week and then decrease slowly to your regular frequency as the injury subsides.

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